Mother's Day 2017 Gift Guide

Need Some Mother’s Day Gift Ideas? We’ve Got You Covered

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Mother’s Day is May 14th, which means that it’s probably just starting to fall on your radar. What do you get the woman who has given you everything (or your wife, baby mama, etc)? Here are a few tips to help ensure you don’t drop the ball when the big day rolls around. 

Jewelry for Mother's Day

Mom’s Day Jewelry doesn’t have to be boring

Mother’s Day Jewelry Ideas

You don’t have to go grand and expensive when it comes to jewelry. Instead, think fun and energetic. Take a look at the Target Mother’s Day Jewelry Sale: bright, playful pieces that are perfect for spring and summer.

Notorious RBG

Notorious RBG: The book you need to get for your Mom


Is your Mom a bookworm? You probably can’t go wrong with a novel or two. You could go the fiction route with Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology, the author’s take on the folklore behind Thor and Loki.

Mystical hammers and giants not her thing? Consider the much more realistic Beartown, by Fredrik Backman, or Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, by Irin Carmon and Shana Knizhnik. Based on the cover, I think you know which one you should choose. See even more Barnes and Noble’s Mother’s Day picks here.

Practical and Functional

Accessories and books aren’t your Mom’s thing? Does she camp or travel often? The GOBAG is exactly what she needs. This travel ready bag with a built in waterproof compression system can be customized for whatever kind of trip she’s taking. Watch the video above to see exactly how awesome this thing is.

Wildflower Honey Flight

Get Mom a Wildflower Honey Flight

Drink and Eat

Don’t forget about the essentials, like this stoneware mug and coffee set ($47.98). Mom gets an oversized mug from Veak Ceramics and a bag of coffee beans from San Francisco’s De La Paz coffee.

Opt for a more unique gift, like this Wildflower Honey Flight ($39.98). Your Mom will get a selection of 4 vials featuring different varieties of honey from Maine, Colorado, California, or New York. You can do a beer or wine flight, why not a honey flight?

Give the Gift of Self Care

Mom works hard, and she probably doesn’t treat herself enough. That’s where you come in. Head to Groupon and buy her a massage, pedicure, or a spa day. I found packages starting as low as $30 in my city. Chances are, you’ll find something similar in yours.

Roseshire Mother's Day Flowers

Flowers from Roseshire

A Luxury Flower Experience

If none of the suggestions above will work for your Mom, there’s one more option: flowers. Listen – don’t drop the ball by going with gas station roses – show her you’re an adult and get her a bouquet from Roseshire ($165). It’s a luxury rose experience featuring a box of the highest quality 17″-24″ roses you can find. Your Mom won’t soon forget this bouquet.

You’ve got options that run the taste and price spectrum, so there’s no excuse for giving your Mom anything but the best of gifts this Mother’s Day. Good luck!

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