Finding the Perfect Big & Tall Halloween Costume

There are less than two weeks left until Halloween – have you figured out your costume yet? Finding the perfect big & tall halloween costume can be a pain, but we’re here to help! Here are a few ideas that’ll look great on you while actually fitting your body.

Pennywise Big & Tall Halloween Costume

Pennywise – remake version: $149.99
You knew this one was going to make the list, right? Pennywise the Dancing Clown is creepy and everywhere this year thanks to the It remake. This is a cosplay-quality version that is available in sizes to XXXL. Personally, I’d skip the rubber mask that comes with the costume and try this one or DIY the face. If you’re a fan of Pennywise, read our article about the plus size actor who almost played the clown in the remake.

The Night King Big & Tall Halloween Costume

Game of Thrones – $44 and up
We’ve got a long wait until the final episodes of Game of Thrones air, but you can live out your Westeros fantasy as Jon Snow, The Mountain, or a The Night King. The Jon Snow link is a full costume, but you’ll need big & tall armor or some kind of outfit to go with the other two.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things Characters – $10 and up
Stranger Things returns for a second season on October 27th, so you’d be at the bleeding edge of pop culture for a second year in a row as Chief of Police Jim Hopper or Dustin. You can put together Dustin’s look with this cap, this jacket, and this shirt for about $50 total. Best of all, you can find this costume in sizes to 5X.

Batman Big & Tall Halloween Costume

There are the usual suspects like Batman and Superman, but I’d like to see someone take it to the next level with X-Men’s Beast. The amount of blue fur and blue paint needed to pull that off is mind-boggling. You’ll find even more men’s big and tall superhero costumes at Halloween Express.

Twin Peaks Woodsman
Finally, we get to my own Halloween costume this year! If you caught the recent season of Twin Peaks, you remember this guy. While there isn’t an actual costume you can buy, with some DIY skills, you can put this look together. Take one of these trapper caps, this shirt (available to 5X), fingerless gloves, a dark henley, some gray jeans and a pair of black boots, and you’re good to go. The cigarette, however, is optional. The best part about this outfit is that you can continue to wear the pieces after Halloween.

What’s Your Perfect Big & Tall Halloween Costume?

If you’re looking for a big & tall Halloween costume, these suggestions should get you started.  What are you going to be for Halloween? Tell us in the comments below.


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