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Have you heard about the Heavy Conversation podcast? It’s our show that discusses the issues that plus size people deal with on a daily basis. In each episode, Bear Skn co-founder Jody Koenig and I pick a topic and give our take on it. In past episodes, we’ve talked about the Fat Tax, body image for big men, and how to become a plus size male model.

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This Week on Heavy Conversation:

This week, we’re talking about big and tall activewear. Did you know there’s such a thing? We covered some of our favorite brands.

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Hopsy Beer

BONUS: Like Beer? You’ll Love Our Podcast

In each episode, Jody and I enjoy a new and interesting beer. If you’re a beer enthusiast and want to follow along, you can do so by checking the Heavy Conversation Beer List on Untappd. It’s kept up to date with all of the brews we’ve tried in each episode.

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