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Sized Up is a weekly feature that helps you find clothing in your size in cities around the world. You won’t see the same old mall stores here – we focus on independent, custom shops and boutiques that are off the beaten path. If you know of a unique place to shop for men’s clothing in extended sizes, let us know and we’ll talk about it here.

If you’re willing to do a bit of searching, you can uncover some pretty interesting places to buy clothing in extended sizes in L.A. The custom denim workshop known as Den.m Bar is one of those hidden gems we came across. Using traditional crafting methods and the finest quality materials from Japan, Europe, and America, they can create custom jeans for customers of any size.

Using a four step method, Den.m Bar creates jeans to your exact specifications right there in Los Angeles. If for whatever reason they aren’t up to your expectations, you can send them back and they’ll make sure they’re perfect. As you big guys know, finding big and tall denim in the style you want isn’t easy, so a resource like Den.m Bar might just come in handy.

Den.m Bar jeans

We talked to Derek Yip, Marketing Manager at Den.m Bar about the company, the process, and when you’ll be able to buy a pair of jeans online.

Are there any size limitations on the jeans you make?
No, we do not have any size limitations on the jeans we make however for sizes 40 and up, we require a new pattern to be made only if it doesn’t exist already.  Whenever we create a new pattern, it takes about 3 hours to create at $34 an hour + the jeans.

If someone wants a pair of jeans made with a type of denim you don’t have on hand, is it possible for you to find it?
Yes, we are always willing to help our customers create their own custom pair of denim jeans.  If we are not able to find the exact fabric that our customer wants, we do suggest alternative fabric that is similar to what the customer wants.

Is it possible to purchase any of your products online or by phone?
In the near future, we plan on having our e-commerce site up where our customers can buy our products online.  We currently do not take orders by phone.

Den.m Bar Straight Leg Jeans

A lot of our readers complain about being able to find jeans that fit their waist but end up being too tight in the thighs. Is there a style you’d recommend for a bigger guy?
For that particular situation, we recommend the Den.m Bar straight fit.  If the customer doesn’t want the thigh area to be particularly tight, the straight fit will offer plenty of thigh space and at the same time not look/feel loose as well.

You’re making these awesome jeans for affordable prices – can you give us an idea of what a pair of Den.m Bar jeans cost?
Our hand crafted customizable denim starts at $229 and may vary depending on optional items you select.  If you do not select the optional items, we do offer complementary options as well.

Den.m Bar
111 W. 7th St., #R3
Los Angeles, CA 90014
To make an appointment: [email protected]
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    Jordan Picker
    Jordan Picker 5pts

    Got that undercut. I like it, but my hair needs to grow a lil bit more.

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    who cares what other people think you can "pull off". I think this man looks great and he should feel so too

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    Soooo cute he looks like that mad baby

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    Jordan Picker - if you do, send us a photo!

    Jordan Picker
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    Grew mine out long, I'm going in today to get it cut, maybe I'll get an undercut today. Good article.

    Brittny Peloquin
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    Melissa, great question! It's a haircut with short sides and longer lengths on top. Lots of info in the article!

    Chubstr 5pts

    Thanks for sharing, Kasi!

    Kimmee Reynolds
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    Any man can do the undercut... If they like it who gives a rats behind what anyone else thinks. SOCIETY... just stop now.

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    Alex Arnold \U0001f60d\U0001f60d\U0001f60d Look its so fluffy

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    Whoever your model is, is gorgeous! he looks great!

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    Yes! So dapper! \U0001f60d\U0001f60d

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    Thanks for this. I've been debating doing one, but worried that it wouldn't look right

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    He can pull off the undercut, the suspenders, and the horizontal stripes!

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    Ummm YES! My husband does it with style and sexy flair. right Roman? Makes my heart swoon.

    Elisa Jean
    Elisa Jean 5pts

    Adding... the LA hairstylist who's quoted in the article saying "hair styles don't have a weight limit" - love him! I wish he'd speak to more women's stylists. How many times have I been told by stylists, and read about other fat women being told, "short hair doesn't look good on a 'round face.'" AKA, stylist code for "you're too fat for short hair." This kind of b.s. needs to stop, which is why I wish more stylists had the attitude of the guy quoted here.