Jason wears the shirt, tie, and blazer

Antonio asked: Collars – what type is good for short, thick necks?
Thick necks make finding shirts that fit a pain. Most shirts are made for average sized necks, so the collars aren’t great for our specific proportions. When you buy a shirt like that, it’s not long before the collar is crushed and less than presentable. A classic point collar is good for a round face, but can sometimes be boring and dated. Consider a cutaway collar, as there’s not as much to it, and it works well for someone with a shorter neck. I find that the button down collar works well for me. I like that it does a decent job of keeping the shape of my collars over time. There’s also the spread collar, but really, it’s subjective. Try shirts with each of these collars to figure out what you like best. Don’t forget, you can always go to a tailor for a second opinion if you’re not sure which way to go.

Simply Be Menswear

Erichnpitcher asked: I am wondering if you have reviewed the site simplybe? I have ordered from them a few times and the quality and style of their stuff is great! Photos to come.
We’re big fans of Simply Be and their UK site, Jacamo. In fact, they wrote us a guide to layering for fall that could come in handy right now. The clothing I’ve gotten from them is of great quality and fits well. They offer a pretty wide variety of clothing in extended sizes, so the website is well worth a stop. We’re looking forward to seeing your photos!

Expert Tailoring

Witzwurst asked Matthew: Hey Matthew — can you recommend anyone in Boston for jean alterations?
Matthew Says:
Try Best Fit Tailoring at 268 Newbury Street, or Newbury Tailoring Company at 376 Boylston St for high quality tailoring and alterations.

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Expert tailoring photo from cuttlefish on Flickr.

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That looks awesome. Fitbay, consider yourself purchased.


I signed up! This looks to be a very promising website for guys like me who tend to have issues finding sizes in clothes offered in places other than Casual Male!


We'd love to welcome you on board, Lester Lothian Sawers-McRib. Let us know what you think :)


Give it a try. It'll be interesting to see results as more big gents start using it.

Chubstr moderator

@jsonik As more big gents join and add info to their accounts, we'll see even more results for clothing that actually fits. It's a really interesting way to help us find clothes that have been tested on people with similar body styles - this lets us know that the stuff actually fits!