Gorillaz and Converse are teaming up to create a line of shoes. Designed by Jamie Hewlett, co-founder of the group, the collection consists of four Gorillaz themed prints. The shoes will be part of the Chuck Taylor All-Star Collection, so they’ll have the look you know and love. There’s more to the release than what has been announced this far – sources are reporting Gorillaz will be part of Converse’s “Three Artists, One Song” series. You can see other artists who have participated here.

Here’s the first pair – as the others are released, we’ll bring them to you here.

Gorillaz Converse

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Chubstr moderator

Thanks! Glad you're getting your own. Let us know what you end up getting, and don't hesitate to send photos!


You've inspired me to do this... you look pretty dope in that suit, BTW