Ask Corbin: Snobby Salespeople, White After Labor Day and Short-Span


A few years ago, I wrote a story about Chubstr for The New York Times, in which I examined the history and content of the site, as well as my own struggles with squeezing, stretching and searching for clothes that fit my more-than-husky frame. After a round of appearances on morning TV shows, interviews and college lectures, my inbox exploded with messages from bigger guys who were fed up with the constraints of fashion. Some 1,539 emails and 410 Tumblr questions later, one thing became clear— This ravenous audience could use my advice. So, here I am, at Chubstr’s request, writing  a weekly advice column for you, big guys. If you’re looking for real and honest answers to all of  lifestyle questions, hit me up

White after Labor DayQ: Is not wearing white after Labor Day still a thing?

A: Can you believe this archaic bullshit still exists? I couldn’t imagine a world without my white Converse or Charvet dress shirts. But there are some circumstances where white isn’t right; white dinner jackets worn out of the yacht or in non-summer months makes you look less Mr. Bond and more like a busboy. Also, wearing white head-to-toe is a tough-task, typically resulting in a lab-tech or Jesus look. No. 

Q: It’s still hot in the south, so shorts aren’t going away. I’m short and wide – how long should my shorts be?

A: Shorts are tricky waters to navigate if you’re vertically challenged. First, don’t wear shorts with prints, unless you find a stellar tiny-tiny-pinstripe. Make sure the shorts fit the thighs and don’t let them drop too far below the knee– I prefer shorts to land right mid-knee or a little above. Shorts that are too long will stump you down, but also shorts that are too high, well… Remember, you can always buy them long and have your tailor tighten them up.  

Q: I keep getting snubbed by a snooty salesperson at a high-end department store when I Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 12.21.00 PMask if they have anything in a larger size. How should I handle them? 

A: Isn’t that lovely? I’m constantly amazed by these kinds of actions and have zero tolerance for them. Sometime ago, I asked a salesperson at Neiman Marcus if the store had a particular item in my size and was answered with a snicker and total disregard. After a few calls and a Twitter-= rant, I came back to the store a week later and found a new and improved salesperson who was more than helpful. You feel that thing in your back? That’s a spine. Use it! Call those creeps out to upper-management and take your business elsewhere. Don’t buy anything from anyone who isn’t totally respectful to you. 


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