Submission: Ryan From Gnar Bucket

Here’s a photo sent to us by Ryan, the mastermind behind Gnar Bucket, the place he shares the art and clothing he makes. I’m partial to his Frankendame poster.

He recently took his Nephew’s engagement photos, and took time out for this photo. Ryan says:

Today I took my nephews engagement photos and the weather was perfect. My nephew and I.

Suicidal Tendencies hat – rockabilia. com
Hoven Sunglasses “Jules” – Army Surplus Store
Rebel8 tee – Rebel8. com
Levi’s impromptu shorts – Ross
Bobby Worrest, Es’ shoes – Zul’s Boardshop

Thanks for the photo Ryan! If you want to share your photos with Chubstr and the community, send them to us. If they show your style, we’ll add them to the site for everyone to to see. Be sure to tell us what you’re wearing and where you got it.

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