Submission: Meet Ted

Here’s Ted (, who finally submitted a photo to us after a bit of “encouragement” from his Wife. Says Ted:


My sweetie has been after me to sumbit something for a couple of months now…

I’ve only recently started buying clothes online, and I’m really impressed with some of the big bargains (and big sizes!) available through the clearance section of some of the mainstream catalog sites.

The sweater (3X) is from JC Penny. I have really long arms. I favor Oxford collars, and this one from Lands’ End reaches the wrist which is nice for a change. I often roll shirt sleeves up to hide an imperfect fit, but it also looks jaunty.

Jeans are Levi’s 505. Shoes are Chucks.

Thanks for the submission, Ted. Remember, if you want to submit a photo that shows your style, you can do that right here. Send us photos that look good and show off your personality and we’ll include them here at Chubstr or on our Tumblr blog.

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