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Photo: Wendell


Today’s reader photo comes from Wendell, who didn’t give us any information on his look, so we’re filling in the blanks:

Hat: MLB Cap from New Era – sizes available to XL in New Era caps.

Jacket: Take a look at the sport coats and jackets available at Men’s Wearhouse, with sizes to 60.

Shirt: We’re not 100% sure, but here’s our best guess.

Jeans: Macy’s Big & Tall Jeans 

Watch: Look at watches here.

Glasses: No idea where those exact glasses came from, but consider for some interesting specs. Your first pair is free, excluding shipping, and they’ve got a wide variety available.

Share your style with Chubstr. Tell us what you’re wearing and where you got it. This helps other guys find the looks they like.

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