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The King Speaks!

Photo: The Beard is Not a Joke

The King Talks Beards

Today’s reader photo comes from The King of Fun, who has a few words of wisdom to impart upon us regarding beards. Says The King:

What do you mean there are young men out there wearing beards just to be ironic? When did irony become a fashion statement? The beard is not a joke, The beard is a time honored tradition that men have been wearing since we first crawled out of caves. The beard is nothing to laugh at. The beard is what separates the men, from the boys. Young men out there wearing beards, I ask you to look at your selves in the mirror,and be proud of your beard. It is your way of saying, “Hey,look at me, I have so much testosterone that I can extend the hair on my head to surround my whole face.”

Young men, wear your beards proudly!

Trust me, in a few years it may be the only way your flesh covered skull can produce hair.

How ironic is that?

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