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Photo: Complete Serendipity

Andrae's First Photo Submission

Meet Andrae, a new Chubstr reader:

I was on Google looking for images of bigger dudes that were models, and I stumbled across this page. Complete serendipity! Its good to see some big brothas out there reppin fashionable looks and style. We don’t all just wear hula shirts with pineapples on them and plain, horrible fitting jeans with functional brown shoes. Much respect for this website!

Get Andrae’s Look

My style is usually casual with an urban touch. And yes… I’m a bargain shopper! I’m wearing:

1. A red slouchy beanie

2. Nostalgic “Rocky” tee from Burlington Coat Factory

3. Denim jacket by Lee brand

4. Black digital watch by Armitron brand

5. Beaded bracelet I picked up for $1 from a store in El Paso, TX called Jewelry Box

6. Silver wedding band and silver ring with onyx stone

7. Black yoga pants by Polo

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