Today’s photo comes from…well, me. Chubstr was featured in the New York Times yesterday, and this photo made it’s way into the article. It’s from the Indochino photo shoot we did with Abbie Rudolph – one of the first really big features we ever did.

Seeing Chubstr in the NYT feels like another step in the right direction. We’re trying to show the world that there are bigger men out there who care about and embrace style, and we wouldn’t be where we are without all of the guys who have shared their looks with us by submitting a photo, or asked questions for Answerland.

The community is making this possible, and we thank you. You can expect more great content and a few surprises in the near future.

What’s He Wearing?

The suit is a three piece from Indochino, and though the exact one I’m wearing in the photo is no longer available, there are ten new ones to choose from on their website right now. If you’re not the suit wearing type, be sure to take a look at Indochino’s Essential Outerwear Collection, featuring wool and cashmere coats, and 100% Mongolian cashmere scarves.

If you’re unfamiliar with Indochino, all of their clothing is made tailored to your size. Simply input your measurements (note: we recommend you go to a professional to get the correct measurements) and you’re on your way. With their Perfect Fit Guarantee, you can get your suit altered on their dime if the fit isn’t exactly right.