Meekos Big & Tall Swim Trunks

Zach Miko Launches Meekos Big & Tall Swimwear Collection

It is difficult for bigger guys to find a good pair of swim trunks. Model Zach Miko is keenly aware of the problem and is setting out to solve it, with the launch of Meekos, his big & tall swimwear line. Meekos’ first collection includes swim trunks with a 5″ and an 8″ length, a tank top, a t-shirt, a terrycloth hoodie, and a button down shirt. Each piece in the collection is available in multiple colors or prints, with sizes to 8X in shirts and 9X in shorts.

Meekos Big & Tall Swimming Trunks

No Netting, No Problem

Meekos swim trunks solve some of the annoyances found in other trunks for big guys. The shorter 5″ length offers a more modern look, something often requested by people who wear big & tall swim trunks. Meekos also solve a long-standing issue with the mesh lining or netting found in most swim trunks of any size. Namely: netting sucks. Instead of getting your junk tangled up in the uncomfortable mesh, Meekos big & tall swim trunks use a soft, lightweight shorts-like lining that allows for more comfort and easier movement.

[B]ig and tall men get such a short end of the stick that I wanted to create something that was just for us.

The Line Created Just for You

While more brands have launched big & tall lines in the past few years, progress has been slow. There are still few options and a less-than-optimal amount of focus on portraying bigger men in a positive light. Miko hopes that his new brand will help change that by filling in gaps in the industry that are being overlooked. By starting off with mainstream, modern swimwear, Meekos takes a step in that direction.

“I’m hoping to see Meekos on the butt of every big & tall guy on every beach in the country. I feel like even after years of being in this industry, big and tall men get such a short end of the stick that I wanted to create something that was just for us. For guys to celebrate who they are, have fun with one another, and be comfortable wherever they are in their body image journey,” says Miko. “I wanted to make something super cool and super stylish. We as big and tall guys need to make it for ourselves because the industry has proven time and time again they’re not going to do it for us.”

Order Meekos for Yourself

You can order swimwear from Meekos first collection right now at KingSize, with prices ranging from $25 to $60. Shop the full collection here.

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