A Big Guy Puts Wolverine 1883 Boots to the Test

Putting Wolverine 1883 Boots to the Test

Wolverine 1883 Boots

Until recently, I spent most of my life painfully unaware that when it comes to footwear, the details matter. The look, the fit, the level of comfort – all deserve consideration when choosing a new pair of shoes. I spent years wearing ill-fitting sneakers that I thought went with everything, but really didn’t. Since starting Chubstr, I’ve expanded my horizons with a variety of loafers, boat shoes, (an amazing pair of) oxfords, and more.

Wolverine Orville Desert Boot

A bit of detail on the 1883 Orville Boots

Of all the types of shoes I’ve been getting into, the one I’ve had the least amount of experience with (and the hardest time finding a good fit for) is a good pair of men’s boots. The first pair I picked up were blocky and way too big. After that, I ended up with a pair that literally cut off circulation to my feet. I decided to take a break from finding a good pair of boots after that last experience.

Wolverine Orville Boot in Desert Brown

The boots look great with jeans. Photo: Chubstr.com

As I shared my frustrations with people I know, a number of them suggested I check out Wolverine boots. Some of them swear by the line of Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots. They dig the construction, the materials, and the fit. Readers tell us they love the brand for its consistent quality and for making boots that are meant to last. Armed with that knowledge, I picked up a pair of Wolverine 1883 Orville Leather Desert Boots.

Hands On With Wolverine 1883 Boots

First thing’s first – man, they look good with jeans. These cowhide leather boots are made to take whatever you can throw at them, while still being comfortable. There’s detail here, but it’s pretty conservative (which means that the rest of your outfit can stand out even more).  Contrast leather trim at the laces and top line help give the boot a finished look. The outsole is made of durable rubber, which holds up well to the pressure a big guy can put on it. I can break down a shoe pretty quickly, but these boots take what I’m dishing out and feel like they’re last much longer than a few months.

How Do They Fit?

What surprised me most is how comfortable and supportive the boots were after wearing them for a full day. The extra cushioning in the insole fit my foot perfectly, and in general, the boot didn’t feel like it needed to be worn for an extended period of time in order to be broken in.

Not For Manual Labor

Keep in mind, if you’re looking for a boot to work or hike or do any of the things boots are traditionally made for, this specific pair aren’t for you. You’ll want to see what else the brand has to offer. These boots are made to look good and provide comfort.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Wolverine 1883 Orville Leather Boot sold me on the brand. They look great, they’re well-constructed, and they fit like a glove. A really comfortable glove. See all of the Wolverine 1883 Boots available from our friends at East Dane.

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