Yeezy Gap Big & Tall Jacket

Will There Be a Yeezy Gap Big & Tall Collection?

Remember way back last year when Kanye West announced his collaboration with Gap? While the full collection won’t drop until later this year, today brought us a look at one of the products and the chance to purchase it, with the actual product shipping to customers this fall. The Round Jacket is a unisex piece made from recycled nylon and available in blue for $200. The available size range for the jacket? M-XL. That doesn’t bode well for a Yeezy Gap big & tall collection. Or does it?

Should We Expect Yeezy Gap Big & Tall Sizing?

Gap isn’t known for their extended sizing, but there’s one potential ray of hope. In order to get the chance to buy the Yeezy Gap Round Jacket, potential buyers had to fill out a form asking for some of their basic information, as well as their top and bottom sizing. The sizing options available on the form went up to 3XL. While we’d like to see more extended sizing than that from a Yeezy Gap Big & Tall collection, Gap’s other men’s clothing options are only available to 3XL.

Does that mean we’re absolutely getting sizes to 3XL when the full Yeezy Gap collection drops later this year? No, but it’d be especially tone-deaf for Gap to release it with significantly less sizing options than the company offers in the rest of its products. Other high profile

Check out the Round Jacket for yourself and keep your fingers crossed for Yeezy Gap Big & Tall options when the rest of the collection is released later this year. What do you think? Will we see extended sizes when the other products drop? Share your thoughts and tell us what you think in the comments or on social – we’re @chubstr on all your favorite networks.