Where Are They Hiding the Plus Size Male Models?

The Perfect Cardigan from Costello Tagliapietra

Matthew Simko wearing The Perfect Cardigan from Costello Tagliapietra

Where Are All the Plus Size Male Models?

Last week, we discussed the fact that most retailers are overlooking the plus size male when it comes to stylish clothing options. This week, we’re asking – where are all the plus size male models? We’ve heard you loud and clear – you want to see models that look like you wearing the clothing that companies are trying to sell to you. We want to see big men looking stylish – not always as the funny fat guy. I did an interview with The Guardian this week discussing the exactly this:

“He is a character, the big guy. I’m not against that, the Judd Apatow film character, but society needs to acknowledge that the ‘jokey fat guy’ also wants to look good. There’s an idea that the big guy doesn’t care, that he wants to hang out in sweatpants.”

If you’re reading this, you’re most certainly aware: there’s more to big men than just their size. Some care about style, some don’t. Some are funny, some are serious, a few are actors, journalists, scientists, advocates, teachers, politicians, athletes, and writers, just like our more slender counterparts. Apparel and fashion brands need to understand this, and respond by including more men of a variety of sizes in advertisements, social media, and on their websites. The reality is that not everyone has a size 28 waist, and it’s okay to be proud of who you are, regardless of your size.

Corbin Chamberlin

Corbin Chamberlin by Christos Sewell

Plus Size Male Models in the Mainstream

So, where are the plus size male models? For many companies, it comes down to not shaking the boat. They don’t think their customers want to see a stylish man of size in marketing materials, and they aren’t willing to test that out. Couple that with the fact that these brands just aren’t accustomed to seeing big men as aspirational, and there just isn’t much movement on the male plus size model front. The Guardian article above goes into more detail on the trials and tribulations of simply finding men that are willing to model.

Over the years, our posts here at Chubstr show that big men have the ability to be as stylish and compelling as anyone else. Body confidence is important, and nobody deserves to be shamed, excluded, or health-trolled because of their size. It’s what we’re working toward eradicating through the articles, resources, and reader photo submissions we share with you every day. Where are all the plus size male models, you ask? They’re here, and slowly but surely, you’ll see them in the mainstream, as well.

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