The Well-Rounded Gent: Lace Your Shoes Like a Pro

Lacing Techniques for Well-Rounded Gents

The Well-Rounded Gent brings you higher end style for the big and tall man. This week, we’re targeting your shoes to show you how using a non-traditional lacing method can help you look a bit more put together. 

When you’re trying to project a well-groomed and finished look, it’s the small details that make it work. The type of cufflinks you’re wearing, the knot in your tie, and the way your clothing fits can say a lot about you if you want it to. The better you become at managing all the pieces that make up your look, the more refined your style will become. One area many people overlook is the shoe. You don’t want to lace your Ferragamo Candido balmorals the same way you’d lace your Nikes – you can do so much better! Today, we’ll share two of our favorite lacing methods that will make those shoes you invested in stand out even more.

Straight Bar Lacing: 
This technique will give your oxfords a clean look, hiding most of the additional lacing you’re accustomed to seeing on a shoe. It’s also a type of lacing favored by military or active types; should your shoe need to come off in a hurry, the laces can more easily be cut through more quickly. Note that straight bar lacing only works with shoes that have an even number of eyelet pairs.

The GQ Recommended Lace:
 Here’s a personal favorite look for my own shoes that GQ illustrates in this video. It’s pretty simple to do, and as is noted in the vid, it’s actually functional.

While we’re covering more general information related to both types of lacing, you can learn just about anything you’d ever want to know about lacing your shoes in a variety of ways at Ian’s Shoelacing Site. He’s given a lot of thought to the tips and technique involved in getting a proper lace.

How do you lace your shoes? Are you a traditionalist or do you use a technique that’s totally unique? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image by Marksaplenty

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