Gabriel Iglesias gets a big & tall style makeover from Tan France

Watch Queer Eye’s Tan France Give Comedian Gabriel Iglesias a Brand New Look

You probably know Tan France from Queer Eye, but are you aware of his other show, Dressing Funny? The series, which can only be found on the Netflix is a Joke Youtube channel, has France dressing some of the funniest people on the planet. In the latest episode, comedian Gabriel Iglesias gets an outfit revamp.

Tan France and Gabriel Iglesias
Photo: Netflix

Crafting the Anti-Fluffy

The pair meet up at DXL and talk through Iglesias’ go-to look, which consists of sweat shorts, a zip up hoodie, and slides. When he’s on stage, the look changes to include Hawaiian shirts and some shorts. France wanted to push Iglesias to leave his comfort zone, so here’s how he did it:


Though slides are comfortable and easy, they’re not always the best option. France introduced Iglesias to shoes with a wider foot bed that would be comfortable on and off the stage.

Gabriel Iglesias in a Big & Tall Suit
Photo: Netflix


Chances are, you’ve worn a suit that doesn’t fit you well. Iglesias shares how his uncomfortable experience wearing a suit on The Tonight Show made him give up suits altogether. France suggests pairing a v-neck tee and sneakers with a suit can make for a more casual look.


France puts Iglesias in 3 different looks, each showing off very different styles. It’s easy to forget that you can wear shirts in a variety of ways. The v-neck with the suit, for example, gives you a casual (and much more comfortable), upscale outfit. We all know about the open button-down shirt over a henley look. The key is to make sure the button-down fits you well.

Gabriel Iglesias Big & Tall Casual Shirt
Photo: Netflix

The very first look in the video shows Iglesias wearing a brown button-down with a white tee underneath. What makes this outfit more interesting is that the button down is only buttoned about halfway, showing more of the t-shirt. We don’t see big guys sporting this look very often but it’s something you should try.

Gabriel Iglesias Big & Tall Suit
Photo: Netflix

Gabriel Iglesias Has a Brand New Style

You can see from watching the video that Iglesias wasn’t comfortable with every piece of clothing he tried. That said, he learned new lessons about style and found that a v-neck tee can be a big guy’s best friend. The big takeaway from the episode should be that changing up your look is a process, and it can require you to step out of your comfort zone.

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