The Walmart George Big & Tall Brand Gets an Update

Walmart might not be the first name you think of when you’re looking for big & tall clothing with style. In an effort to change that image and compete with brands like Target and ASOS, the company has updated their George big & tall brand.

According to a recent press release, the brand is focusing on “updated classics and relevant trends.” This means more modern styles with sizes to 5X and prices ranging from $5 to $30.

Walmart George Big & Tall Jogger Shorts
George Big & Tall Woven Jogger Short in Grey Stripe – $11.96

How Does George Big & Tall Fit?

We decided to put Walmart’s updated George big & tall line to the test, buying many of their new items to try on.

The most surprising thing about the clothes we purchased is how well they fit. Everything – from the shirts to the shorts and the shoes – offer stretch and flexibility. Bigger people often run into the issue of button down shirts gapping in the stomach or the chest. I found the George big & tall shirts to fit true to size, without most of those issues.

George Big & Tall Woven Jogger Short in Flamingo
George Big & Tall Woven Jogger Short in Flamingo – $11.96

Both the knit and woven jogger shorts have become instant favorites, combining comfort and modern style. I love the look of the George casual tie shoe with a memory foam sole, though people with wide feet will want to order a size larger than they normally do.

Walmart George Big & Tall Hula Girl Woven Shirt
George Printed Stretch Woven Shirt – $14.00

George Big & Tall: Stylish and Affordable

I bought 3 woven button down shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of swim trunks and a pair of shoes for just about $100. The best part is, the things we picked up are actually items I would wear. $10 for a button down shirt with an interesting pattern? Other big & tall retailers offer the same thing for 10 times the price.

George Men's Casual Tie Shoe
George Men’s Casual Tie Shoe – $16.00


Here’s What I Didn’t Like

My biggest problem isn’t with the look or fit of the clothing but with what seems to be a lack of inventory. Many of the shorts I purchased online are already sold out in most sizes. Chances are, these things are selling like crazy and will be restocked in the near future. When we big folks see things we like, we buy them quickly before they’re gone!

My other complaint is that I didn’t feel like navigating the big & tall section of was very easy. There’s an image showing a model wearing the blue woven you see above, but when you click on it, the shirt is nowhere to be found. It’s a usability thing, but something they need to address.

Protip: Click this link to go straight to the George section and then sort by whatever item of clothing you’re looking for.

George Big & Tall Long Sleeve Poplin Shirt in Pink Combo
George Big & Tall Long Sleeve Poplin Shirt – $15.00

Should You Buy Walmart George Big & Tall Clothing?

If you’re looking for affordable, accessible style in sizes to 5X, it’s worth giving Walmart’s updated George brand a try. The clothing seems to be constructed with bigger bodies in mind, featuring stretch fabric and modern designs. The great thing for people in rural areas is that there’s a Walmart close by, and there’s a better chance you’ll be able to find this stuff in stores near you. Worst case, head to their website and order. At this price point, it can’t hurt to give it a look.

Photographer: Marisa Catt