Fall Style from Tommy Bahama
Photos: Shanna Sturgell

Here’s How Tommy Bahama Does Big & Tall Fall Style

If you’re like me, when you think about Tommy Bahama, you envision warm summer nights and island getaways. Though they do that well, the company also has fall and winter wear for big guys on lockdown. From super stylish shirt jackets, a variety of button down shirts and my new favorite sweater, they’ve got you covered.

Tommy Bahama Polo

The polo and I have a complicated relationship. It had been years since I had put one on. I was surprised by how comfortable the Emfielder big & tall polo was, and how well it paired with other things. The contrast stitching adds a laid-back detail to the shirt, while still working well at the office. As I mentioned before, pairing with other things is the way to go with a polo – see more below.

Big and Tall Coastal Shores Half Zip Sweater

I can’t explain how much I dig this Coastal Shores Half-Zip Sweater from Tommy Bahama. The worn-in look that it has when you first purchase it is meant to fade when washed, giving it the look of a beloved, long-owned garment. Once I put this on, this 100% cotton textured sweater became a wardrobe staple.

Boracay Flat Front Pants

The great thing about the sweater is that it is versatile – you can wear it with a variety of undershirts, jeans, or pants. I opted for the Boracay Flat-Front Pants to lighten things up. Like the sweater, they also sport a worn-in look that I prefer. Made with Tencel cotton, the pants are comfortable and just stretchy enough for my needs. My friend, if you can get great looking pants with some stretch, you do it!

Azilal Ombre Shirt

Continuing my exercise in versatility, I paired the sweater with the Azilal Ombre Shirt, a cotton and silk blend shirt with red and gray ombre stripes. It looks great by itself, but when combined with the half-zip and the straight leg cut of the New Sand Drifter Jeans, it was exactly the look I was going for. Tommy Bahama wins again by adding stretch to the jeans for comfort and a modern fit.

Holidays Camp Shirt

If all else fails and you want to get festive, there’s the Big & Tall Holidays Camp Shirt in blue or ruby red. It has 3 things I require in my holiday attire: Santa riding a swordfish, images of martinis, and festive wreaths. Admittedly, this shirt has me thinking about sipping a mai tai on the beach. Maybe it’s time to take a trip?

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