Ties in Your Size: 4 Questions With Nicholas Monterotti of Peter Field

Peter Field Custom Ties

Nicholas Monterotti started custom tie brand Peter Field in 2010 after a lifetime of being frustrated with ill-fitting, overly-expensive menswear. Today, his Chicago based company creates affordably priced custom ties, bow ties, & pocket squares, with plans to expand to other types of custom made clothing in the future. We talk to Nicholas about starting the company, finding a good fit, and his experience with Kickstarter.

1. Why did you start Peter Field?
Clothing should fit, period. Two years ago, as a consumer of men’s clothing stores, I couldn’t find what I wanted. I’m 6’7”. I found bespoke clothing too expensive, and having to tailor every item I purchased just didn’t seem like the right solution. I created Peter Field because I saw a niche in the men’s clothing market that I couldn’t find myself. So I bought a sewing machine, taught myself how to sew, starting with neckties.

Peter Field Labels

2. I love the pocket squares you’re offering – can you tell us about your other products?
We’re constantly revamping our site; we couldn’t wait to get our summer pocket square patterns up. Our custom ties and bow ties are unique in that we can create a perfectly fitting piece with just two measurements, the neck and the torso (or just neck for bowties). This also makes a perfect fit for wedding parties. We are fully custom: the result is everything coordinates, everything fits, and everyone looks their best, no matter their size.

Peter Field Pocket Squares

3. Do you have plans to add additional products in the future?
Eventually we want to also offer vests, slacks, and shirts. I was frustrated with all clothing when I started Peter Field, and I intend to create every piece of the man’s wardrobe as we grow. I’m excited to dive into all of the accessories that we have as men as well.

Nicholas Monterroti of Peter Field

4. You ran a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year to push Peter Field into high gear. Did you expect the level of success it achieved?
I bring the same approach to Peter Field as everything else I do: make it happen. Kickstarter was the ideal solution for us to gain the resources we needed to make production sustainable and to raise awareness about how we are changing the men’s clothing industry. I was able to reach people and spread the word about Peter Field to people I never may have if it weren’t for Kickstarter. It was challenging, but incredibly rewarding. The feedback and support of our backers was and continues to be phenomenal.

Learn more about Nicholas and Peter Field at www.peterfieldcustom.com.


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