This Photographer Offers a Positive View of Stylish Plus Size Men


Model: German Shible

We’re all well aware of the glaring lack of plus size male representation in media, magazines, and advertising. Though this is changing little by little, there aren’t a lot of places to go to see compelling high quality photos of guys looking great and feeling good about what they’re wearing. That’s why we’re kicking off a monthly collaboration with photographer N. Maxwell Lander that puts the spotlight on fat guys in an upscale, fashionable way. As you’ll see, the results of the first shoot are pretty amazing. Max and I chatted about the photo series, and why doing something like this matters. Read more below.


Model: Kaleb Robertson

Tell us a little about yourself – where are you from, what keeps you busy?
Originally I’m from British Columbia, but I reside in Toronto these days. Besides photography, which occupies most of my work and pleasure time, I run a sci-fi bookclub, throw axes, and play all variety of nerdy games. Recently, I have released my first book, Carnal Anomaly, through ThreeL Media and have re-started a long term personal project creating fake movie cast portraits based on genres (May was Noir month, June is B Movie Sci-fi). Some of the goals I hope to achieve in the near future include releasing a small, irritating video game with my partner, and moving into directing and creating music videos.


Model: German Shible

How long have you been a photographer?
I guess it’s been about 10 years now – I picked up a camera in my late teens at the request of some friends who wanted to make “art”.


Model: Kaleb Robertson

Your work has a specific feel to it – how would you describe that?
I like to make photographs that straddle gloss and grit. I’ve always been quite drawn to high fashion and entertainment imagery and less drawn to an industry of imagery that is dependant on a specific type of person or body. Technically I endeavour to take a lot of teachings from these images, and then apply them to a wide variety of subjects.


Model: German Shible

Why do you want to do this photo series?
I’ve watched and participated in a great movement within photography lately – that of body positivity. The mainstream has started to open itself up to a wider variety of subjects and bodies, but this has largely been limited to women’s fashion. As a fat dude and trans person, I’ve always been quite attached to this mission. Simultaneously, I have always felt at odds with clothing and fashion. This series seemed like a way for me to join my love of high quality imagery and alternative people, while building a more positive view of fat guy fashion.

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