The Fashionary Men's Sketchbook

The Well-Rounded Gent: The Fashionary Notebook

For those stylish men that also like to dabble in fashion design, or those that are simply into clothes, Valet introduced us to the notebook for you. The Fashionary Notebook is a quality (100 gsm vanilla paper) notebook that is similar in appearance to the ever popular Moleskines, but contains a wealth of fashion related graphics such as a fashion lexicon, diagrams, patterns, a brand index, and even in-book body measurements. Each page also has very subtle male silhouettes that allow you to sketch over them – but they’re subtle enough that they blend into the background, allowing each page to be used as a normal notebook as well.

I personally love finding different ways to integrate my love for fashion into everyday life, and this notebook seems like the perfect way of doing so. If you’re in the market for a notebook of any variety, I highly recommend The Fashionary. Get the book for $23.90 at

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Photo: Fatboy Hardcore