The Well-Rounded Gent: The Big Men of Pitti Uomo


The Well-Rounded Gent is the Chubstr feature that focuses on the finer things in life. From fashion to grooming to etiquette, we cover it here. Menswear festival Pitti Uomo took place last week in Florence, Italy, and if you were watching our social media accounts, you saw a few of the amazing street style photos our friends at BearFLAVOURED took outside of the event. They took a lot more, and below you’ll find some of our favorites – most of them are bigger gents, but there are a few in there that just stuck out because of their unique or interesting looks.

Seeing photos like these gives me ideas as to how I can incorporate pieces of these fashionable looks into my own wardrobe. You don’t have to go overboard, but take a look below, and get inspiration from the way these gents wear their clothing.

pitti-uomo-2015-11 pitti-uomo-2015-10 pitti-uomo-2015-9 pitti-uomo-2015-6 pitti-uomo-2015-4 pitti-uomo-2015-3 pitti-uomo-2015-2 pitti-uomo-2015-1 pitti-uomo-8 pitti-uomo-7

Thanks to Christian and Aki from bearFLAVOURED for collaborating with us to bring you these photos!

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