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The Well-Rounded Gent: Choosing the Perfect Umbrella

James Smith Umbrellas

Umbrella, Bumbershoot or Brolly. No matter what you call it, it’s the thing that keeps you dry and looking neat in the rain. Like any accessory (necessity or otherwise), it should reflect your personal style, and tell people something about you. We’ve selected 3 different umbrellas, with 3 different price points to fit your budget and style.

When you think of an umbrella, you probably think of Totes. They’ve been doing umbrellas since 1970, when they began selling the first folding umbrellas in the United States. They’re lightweight, easy to carry, and serve their purpose at its most basic level. Simply press a button to open or close the umbrella. Totes are available in Black, Tan, Houndstooth and Steele Blue to match your style.


Totes Umbrella: $28 at Macy’s.

Brooks Brothers is the go-to shop for any well-suited gentleman. They make a surprisingly affordable umbrella that is unmistakably Brooks Brothers. This “Golden Fleece” umbrella features a wooden handle and the signature Brooks Brothers emblem in a lattice design. One reviewer calls it: “easy to use, plus dries fast. Well worth the money.” What more could you ask for?

Brooks Brothers Umbrella
Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Stick Umbrella: $60 at Brooks Brothers

A few years ago, I wondered what I could get my Dad for Christmas that he didn’t already have. After racking my brain, my brother suggested an umbrella. Searching high and low for a quality umbrella (that wasn’t $300) I came across The Davek Elite Umbrella.


For $149, this classic cane umbrella has a stitched leather handle, a fiberglass frame, a “wind tension frame system” that resists high winds and an unconditional lifetime guarantee. The fabric is 190 thread count which means it won’t be leaking anytime soon. It’s smart, sophisticated and looks like a million bucks. Available in Black, Navy Blue, or Copper.

Davek Elite Umbrellas

The Davek Elite Umbrella: $149 at and select menswear shops.

What type of umbrella do you favor? Share your tips and suggestions in the comments below. 

Feature photo by JaceCurtis on Flickr. James Smith & Sons photo by SteveCadman on Flickr