The Well-Rounded Gent: Bacco Bucci Men’s Lion Loafer

Welcome to the first installment of The Well-Rounded Gent, a new feature that focuses on higher end clothing and accessories for the big and tall man. Send your questions, comments or anything you’d like us to cover here.

Each year as summer approaches, I begin the search for a great pair of driving shoes. I start this search anew each year not because I wear out my shoes quickly, but because every pair I purchase ends up irritating my heel (I don’t wear socks with my driving mocs). The problem presents itself after a few days of wear, and always seems to fall into one of the following categories: scratchy stitching, rough leather, or the height of the back of the shoe. Since every shoe I’d come across had given me the same set of problems, I’ve never been able to wear a pair of driving shoes more than one day a week without suffering major discomfort.

That changed this year. I purchased the Bacco Bucci Lion driving shoe two months ago and I’ve never been more impressed with a driver.  The Italian calfskin leather is incredibly soft and the footbed is extremely comfortable. The shoe required absolutely no breaking in – it’s almost like I’m not wearing shoes at all. I can slip them on and not think about them again until I’m taking them off at the end of the day.

Another plus to these shoes is the satin platinum horse bit detail. It adds a touch of refinement that some drivers lack, and makes them very versatile for a variety of outfits. You can wear these as casual shoes or wear them to work. They come in 4 colors (Black, Blue, Bone, and Brown) and sizes range from 8 to 13 with a medium width.

If you’re considering purchasing a pair of driving shoes this season, I highly recommend the Lion from Bacco Bucci.  These shoes feel and look like they cost a lot more than the $145 they retail for.  Sale: Get the Bacco Bucci Men’s Lion Loafer in brown for $108 at


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