The Stylistic: Pablo Griff from Vancouver, BC Canada

The Stylistic brings you a weekly conversation with men who have created a unique and interesting look for themselves. Today we talk to Pablo Griff, 38, from Vancouver, Canada. Click on a photo to see the full version in the lightbox.

White shirt taylor made in Shanghi, AA red gingham tie, Black Rimmed glasses from charity shop in London.

Where do you live? DTES, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

What do you do? Artist.

How would you describe your style? Drip Dry.  (Mish Mash of all things Found, Forgotten & Fancy)

Black rimmed glasses from a Russian store on 14th Street in NYC, blue gingham shirt from Winners, Black Bowtie from Yaka Yo Yo in Tinsletown Vancouver, Vintage beige red piping stripe LEVIS Jacket from True Value Vintage Vancouver.

Where are your favorite places to shop? Charity Shops, Sale Racks, Kids Departments & Ben Sherman for Gingham Shirts.

Hobbies, Vices and Heroes – Choose one or answer them all: Hobbies: Art, Film, People Watching, Making Art, Making Films. Vices: Coffee, Gingham Things, iPhone, Music, Art, Films. Heroes: Dad, Tobias Wong, Jim Henson, Prince, Bjork, My Nieces.

Black rimmed glasses from a Russian store on 14th Street in NYC, black gingham shirt from Sears, red suspenders from NYC thrift store, brown shorts from FINAL HOME in NYC.

Is there any piece of clothing or accessory you couldn’t do without?
Jenny Holzer Hats, Rimmed Glasses & my ‘Dave’s Quality Meats’ Black Backpack.

Black shirt from H & M Paris, black glasses from friend, hat made by Pablo Griff.

Do you have a style tip that works for you that you’d like to share with us?
Style is personal. If something looks good on someone else, it might not look good on you.  Wear what fits and looks good on you.  Go watch  ‘BILL CUNNINGHAM NEW YORK’  Film. You’ll learn a lot about being yourself.

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