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The Stylistic - Fresh Daily

The Stylistic: Fresh Daily from Brooklyn, NY

Meet Fresh Daily

Welcome to The Stylistic, the feature that has us talking to interesting, stylish gents to learn how they put together their look and what influences them. Our subject for this installment is Brooklyn MC Fresh Daily, 31, who talks about his style, what inspires him, and where you can catch him live.

How old are you?
I’m old enough to LOVE hip-hop, but young enough to LIKE rap music. So that would make me 31.

Where are you from?
Brooklyn, NYC.

Looking at your site, you’ve been pretty prolific, having quite a few releases over the last few years. How long have you been making music?

Officially under the name “Fresh Daily”? Since 2005. Since then, I’ve been blessed to have worked with/done shows with a good amount of amazing folk and put out some pretty good projects.

Fresh Daily
How do you describe your style?

My rhyme style? My rhyme style is just true to life music over the dopest beats I can find. There’s a little MosDef, a little Slick Rick, a little Jay-Z, some MF DOOM, but ultimately it sounds like me. I can’t think of anyone I singularly sound like.

My personal style is very much like NYC as a whole, there’s some private school prep school, mixed with Brooklyn Outdoorsman Polo Ralph Lauren, mixed with downtown streetwear. I mean, I’m an 80’s kid who grew up with Haring on the subway walls, Puerto Ricans playing dominos outside bodegas, Rastas chopping sugar cane & coconuts to sell out the back of pickups, backpack 90’s rappers selling cd’s outside of the now defunct Fat Beats records. All those images and styles and looks amalgamated in my closet over the years. Of late though, I’ve adopted a decidedly classic American aesthetic. Utilitarian even, lots of solid color blocks composed of mens closet staples and the only bits of patterns and/or flair coming from accessories or outerwear.

Any favorite places to shop?

Sure, predominately thrift/vintage shops and ebay. I also find alot of cool stuff on When I turned 30 I made a conscious decision to try to only purchase clothes that had a history (barring accessories and shoes) or heritage to them and to not be a consumer but to be a creator. It was two-fold in its purpose, obviously it helps me save money but also it helps me find clothes made really well and with heritage and history. This has led to buying vintage and upcycling a lot of clothes by taking them to get custom tailored. In turn, this process has made me often pay almost what I would’ve paid for a new article of clothing from some brand, but now it’s a one of one to fit ME exactly.I’m a huge subscriber to signature looks and feels so it’s been fun.

My partners Suede & Mr. Morris of have been working on upcycling vintage clothes by custom tailoring, and embellishing pieces by re-fitting them with elbow patches, patches, contrast stitching, embroidery and different fastening snaps, zippers and buttons. It’s been in fun creating new compositions out of time worn pieces that were originally made with a care and quality not found now. We consider it remixing and soon, we hope people will find US a favorite place to shop.

What was the inspiration behind The Quiet Life?
Being in a new place in life where I wanted to slow down and note the details. Oftentimes we run through life as a practice drill, doing what we need to do to survive. I thought it pertinent to be mindful I don’t lose sight of the components that make me a complex individual. Those minute parts that make the sum of the equation of my full self realized. That’s what makes us tick and be who we are ultimately. I think I was beginning to lose sight of that just aiming for success. I mean, I’m still looking and aiming for success but now, I’m also making sure I don’t lose sight of the things that make me signature in life.

Can people catch you live? If so, where will you be next?
I’m playing Haverford College in PA Nov. 12 and more dates to come via

What’s next for you?

New music and media, and more design work with my company, The Brooklyn Good Guys.


Photos by Adam Rogers.