The Stylistic: Anthon Vodden of London, UK

It’s The Stylistic, the feature that introduces you to interesting, stylish gents to learn how they put together their look and what influences them. This week, we’re talking to 23 year old Londoner Anthon Vodden, founder of Boy Does Big, a style blog that he uses to share his thoughts on creating your look when you’re a bigger guy. 

Anthon Vodden of Boy Does Big

What do you do for a living?
I recently finished university so at the moment I’m contemplating life, whilst being a blogger and singer [laughs].

Why did you start Boy Does Big?
I wanted to share my thoughts and tips on style and dressing. I was always complemented on how I dressed (‘For a big guy’, looking back it seems they were backhanded compliments), and after watching The Voice in the UK and being infuriated by how they styled a larger contestant, I felt I had to start typing! I just didn’t think it was fair that larger men should settle for less.

Has style always been important to you?
Yes, it’s always been at the forefront of my confidence. It allows me to express myself and make a statement. I hate the way larger people are seen in society, so I like to almost stick a middle finger up to that notion [by expressing my own style].

How would you describe your style?
I don’t think I can! Some days, I just want to chuck on a pair of chinos and a jumper, and other days I want to dress as outlandishly as I can [laughs]. I guess you could say I’m slightly “street.” I draw inspiration from London, backwards caps, skinny jeans, oversized jackets, button down collars and accessories.

Anthon Vodden Believes

Where do you shop for clothes?
I mainly shop with Jacamo.comand I usually end up buying two different sizes of the same piece to make sure sizing is right. I like to buy accessories and hats from places like Topman, H&M and ASOS. I also find great pieces in places like George for Asdawhich is like Walmart, and F&F for Tescowhich is like Target. I’m not afraid to look for vintage clothing, either. Brick lane in London is great for it, last winter I found an old Italian army jacket which I wore practically every day!

Why do you think it’s so difficult for big guys to find clothing in their sizes?
I don’t think a lot of manufacturers are willing to cater for plus size men. This could be due to the stigma around ‘plus size’ in the clothing industry (although this is changing with the rise of blogs), but I also think it could be down to the fact that manufacturers simply don’t know how. I think it’s much easier for manufacturers to cater for plus size women, even though our basics are trousers and tops. It’s so easy to get the sizing wrong.

Follow Anthon at BoyDoesBig.comWhat are your long term goals for Boy Does Big?
I eventually want to start designing a clothing range for bigger guys. As much as I love to build outfits from basics, it would be great to be able to go into a store and pick a great outfit off the rack. But my short term goals are to break down barriers in the fashion world. I think too many people are excluded right now.

Why do you think blogs that focus on style for big men are important?
I think for too long larger men have been seen as the ones that have to settle for a crappy pair of jeans and an ill-fitting shirt. We’re all human, so why shouldn’t everyone be allowed to express themselves through style? I think blogs like these are important because they are an archetype for guys who want to express themselves through style, but may not know how to due to lack of resources available. They also give a sense of belonging; society can be quite harsh to a bigger person, and it’s nice to know you’re not alone.

Get Anthon’s thoughts on style for men of size at Boy Does Big, and follow Anthon on Twitter at @boydoesbig.