Who Will Be the Next Big Plus Size Male Model?

Zach Miko Talks Being a Plus Size Male Model

Photo: Zach Miko

Now that a door to the world of mainstream modeling has been opened with IMG signing Zach Miko to their Brawn division, it’s not a stretch to expect other brands and agencies to follow suit. In the days since the announcement was made, there’s been a lot of conversation about what happens now. The truth is, we still don’t know. Personally, I think we’ll see more diversity in body types: short and wide guys, men who carry their weight in different ways, and without a doubt, models of a variety of ethnicities.

The writers here at Chubstr have been discussing who we’d like to see become big in the modeling world next.  Who’s the next big plus size male model? We’re hoping it’s one of the gents below:

|#TheBigFashionGuy| Big & Style Inspiration #Fall2015 Style ReCap ????

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The Big Fashion Guy, Michael-Anthony Spearman has perfected his style game in a way that few men can. He’s regularly posting thoughtful looks perfect for the office, or a night out. Great style aside, he just looks like a model. Someone needs to pick him up for a seasonal campaign stat! Read his blog: https://thebigfashionguy.squarespace.com

Photo by Austin Reza

Whether he’s attending a fashion show, or taking up dogsledding, everything writer for the New York Times, Financial Times, Vanity Fair Corbin Chamberlin does just looks luxurious. If we don’t see him in magazine spreads, or high end fashion shoots in the near future, something is very wrong. Follow Corbin on Twitter at https://twitter.com/corbin_c.

If I was a vegetable…..I think I would be a cute-cumber ? lol #stylehasnosize #aeostyle

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You might know Kelvin Davis as Notoriously Dapper – someone out there pushing body positivity and plus size fashion forward not only through his own amazing photos, but also as an admin of the well known Eff Your Beauty Standards Instagram account. As far as plus size male modeling goes, if his turn as a model in American Eagle Outfitters new underwear campaign is any indication, we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future.

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Alessandro Carella is showing the world what big men’s style looks like in Italy. His Instagram page chronicles his unique take on fashion, the people he likes, and his various adventures. Check out his blog at http://uominidipeso.blogspot.com.

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Jeremy Howard has been modeling for years. In fact, we introduced you to him in a 2014 interview in which he shared his experience going from doing photo shoots in his hometown, to modeling for Plus Model Magazine, and hitting the catwalk for Full Figured Fashion Week. Not only does he have the experience, he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, and you’ve got to root for the good guys.

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Speaking of good guys, this list isn’t complete without our own Tyler Jacobs. A man of many talents, he’s been part of quite a few photo shoots and features here at Chubstr, on the cover of POSE Magazine, and he’s even modeled for a clothing brand’s lookbook. Looks, experience, creativity – this guy’s got it all.

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One of the things we love about James R. Sanders is that he’s blazing his own trail out there, creating opportunities and while sharing his own unique style with the world. As a celebrity stylist, a writer for publications like Vogue Italia, and Glamour, and a jet-setting world traveler, his photos are always interesting. It’d be great to see him get even more exposure, especially as the luxury side of plus size men’s fashion continues to grow.

This is by no means a complete list. There are a ton of guys out there who should be in the plus size male model spotlight. The great thing is, I have no doubt we’ll see many of them get there as new opportunities open. Who would you like to see become the next big plus size male model? Tell us in the comments or on your favorite social network. 

Featured photo of Corbin Chamberlin by Christos Sewell

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