Original Use Big & Tall

Target’s Original Use Big & Tall Line Has Arrived

It’s been about a year since Target’s Goodfellow & Co line dropped, offering more modern and stylish options to 5X. Now the company has introduced their Original Use big & tall collection, a streetwear focused line with sizes to 5X and 50 waist.

Original Use big & tall button down shirt

Short sleeve button down shirt ($21)

Here’s What You’ll Find in the Original Use Big & Tall Line

If modern streetwear is your thing, Original Use is worth a look. You’ll find shirts, jackets, jeans, joggers, shorts – enough options to outfit you head to toe. The street style influence is evident, in the cut and designs of their jackets, tops and jeans. A quick glance at their big & tall shirt selection will give you a good idea of what the line has to offer.

Original Use Big & Tall Shorts

9″ Knit Shorts ($20)

Reaching a Wider (and Younger) Audience

The Original Use big & tall line gives Target the more modern, fashion-forward option that customers have been asking for. It also allows them to cater to a younger audience in a way that their Goodfellow & Co line big and tall line does not. Companies like Asos have been at the forefront of affordable street style in extended sizes for a number of years. This new line gives customers of all sizes another option.

Original Use Big & Tall Jacket

Original Use Big & Tall Jacket ($43)

You Can Afford Original Use Big & Tall Clothing

When it comes to style and  inclusive sizing (To be clear, the line is also available in smaller sizes), Original Use seems to have it locked down. What about pricing? Target seems to have given that thought, with prices ranging from around $13 for t-shirts to $43 for a drop shoulder reversible bomber jacket.

Original Use Big & Tall Hoodie

Original Use Oversized Hoodie: $28

What Do You Think About Target’s Original Use Line?

The introduction of Target’s Original Use big & tall clothing selection means more options for people who need extended size clothing. Click here to see everything the line has to offer or check out some of our favorites in the Chubstr Shop.

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