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Bird is the Word: Tailor Byrd

Taylor Byrd

There are so many ways a button down shirt can go wrong. From rough fabrics to floppy collars, the margin for error is high. So what should a guy look for in a good quality button down? Think high grade, soft, breathable fabric, collars that stay put, and a well-tailored fit. Since 2003, Tailor Bryd has been creating high quality clothing that hits all of those notes.

Matthew in Taylor ByrdPull one of these shirts on and you can quickly feel the quality. The fabric is soft and sturdy with a nice feel against your skin. The collar is thick, stands well, and keeps its shape. Collar stays are always something to look for in a button down and Tailor Byrd provides sturdy stays (and extras) that will keep your collar in place throughout the day. Contrasting fabric inside the cuffs and collar are a nice touch; providing reinforcement as well as an excellent style detail without being too flashy. Button holes are reinforced with matching stitching and the button themselves are thick and fit well between your fingers.

From a fit standpoint, Tailor Byrd shirts are great. I would call it a tailored fit, which for big guys works well. Too often we find that larger sizes are billowy and blousey which ultimately makes us look bigger and shapeless. The shirts fit close to the body while still giving enough room to move. That being said, I would recommend going up one size to allocate for the slimmer fit. As a big guy I have trouble with shirts coming untucked, thankfully Tailor Byrd offers tall length shirts (and sizes to XXL and XB) which help keep them tucked and in place.

The shirt styles Tailor Byrd has to offer are great. The colors are vibrant without being overwhelming and the patterns are on trend. The notched cuffs with double buttons are a welcome addition to these shirts. This allows more room around the wrists without being too lose or big.

[twocol_one]Taylor Byrd's attention to detail[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]A Taylor Byrd Shirt[/twocol_one_last]

Overall Tailor Byrd makes a great product. The shirts are versatile and will carry you from a job interview to a night out with friends. See everything they have to offer, including their big and tall section at

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