A “Pants-On” Review of Swag & Valor Boxers

The friendly folks over at Swag & Valor recently sent me a pair of their boxer briefs in exchange for my opinion. I had the pleasure of giving them a test-run and picking them apart.

Tyler tests the Swag & Valor

The Fit

My first impression was that the fabric & waistband feels a little thick and heavy. But once I slipped them on, it breathed pretty well and felt really nice.

The panel in the front feels a little high. I can pull them up to wear over my belly, but who wants to do that? If I wear them below my belly line (like I do with everything) the waistband folds and rolls over. Not a deal breaker at all, but might want to be something they might want to consider. However, there is quite an ample pouch up front that is very nice! It gives me plenty of comfy room while giving me an enhancing lift. There’s no fly, which is fine with me, but they do offer a version with a fly for those who prefer to exit out the front door rather than over the fence.

The legs run a little long for my taste. But hey, I’m a guy that generally prefers briefs, so what do I know? The fit on the thighs and legs are nice and snug without being too tight. And I’ve got pretty thick thighs.

Although the boxer brief is not seamless, it kinda feels that way. There are no seams on the butt, which I absolutely love. The only visible seams (other than the pouch area) are on the inner thighs. These seams have been brought forward so that they don’t rub together and catch when you walk. This thoughtful extra bit of love for us bigger guys whose thighs rub together is great and makes these feel really

Swag & Valor Boxers

 The Look

Aside from the branded waistband (it reads “Bentley” across the front), there’s a small silkscreened logo hit on the right leg. Not super necessary in my opinion, but it’s subtle enough not to detract. But that’s just my taste, for what it’s worth.

Overall, these boxer briefs are a really solid garment and I look forward to wearing them again. In fact, I plan on wearing them to my next Sumo class. If you’re a bigger fella who prefers boxer briefs, you could do a whole lot worse than these. At $24 a pair and sizes to 8XL, I’d say it’s a worthwhile investment.