Threadless 12 Club

Stay Up To Your Eyeballs in Tees with Threadless’ 12 Club

The Threadless 12 Club

Threadless wants you to get rid of those old, ratty tees you’ve been holding on to and get into some new ones with their subscription service, the 12 Club. As a subscriber, you get a new, limited edition tee send to you every month for an entire year. Never heard of Threadless? They’re a community-based company that prints designs created and chosen by you. Members of the Threadless community can create and submit designs to be voted on. If the design is selected, it is printed and sold through their online store, and the designers get cash and sweet, sweet, store credit.

Threadless 12 Club ShirtsAs part of the 12 Club, you’ll get a tee with a limited edition design sent to you each month. You can see past designs here. You’ll also be able to see a massive gallery of people wearing shirts from the 12 Club, which gives you an idea of what a shirt might look like on you.

Sizes range from S – 2X in men’s and from S to XL in women’s. I’ve purchased Threadless tees in the past and they’re pretty true to size.

What’s the price of a 12 Club subscription, you ask? $200 for US customers and $250 for international customers. Not a bad deal if you buy clothing from them regularly (or if you splurge on a bunch of items in one visit). Buying 12 tees separately would cost you $272 US/$336 International, and you might not be able to get the limited edition shirts. If you’re a Threadless fan, or you’d just like the gift of a new tee each month, take a look at the 12 Club. If the subscription route isn’t for you, take a gander at their massive selection of shirts, available in sizes to 3XL.

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Photo: Joi’s Handsome Man