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Man of the Week: Philip Chavez Shares Some Big Guy Style Tips

Outfit Above: Hat: Goorin Bros. XXL Grey Old Town, Sweater: Cherokee, Tie: Jos A. Bank, Shirt: Nordstrom

For me, one of the best parts of 2018 was photographing members of the plus size community. One of my latest photo shoots featured small business owner, Philip Chavez. His southern California-based business, P.M. Chavez Haberdashery, offers handmade fashionable leather goods in larger sizes. We had an opportunity to photograph on location at Goorin Bros Hat Shop in San Diego, as well as sample some of the hats that are specifically made for those of us with bigger heads.

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After the photo shoot, Philip, a classically dapper sartorialist himself, sat down with me to share some tips for his bigger brethren. Read on for more.

Philip Chavez

Hat: Goorin Bros. XXL Grey Good Boy, Shirt: Prison Blues Hickory Button Down, Suspenders: P.M. Chavez, Jeans: Goodfellow & Co

Don’t Go Too Baggy, or Too Tight

Philip Chavez: Stop wearing tents! Many gentlemen of size hide themselves away in baggy t-shirts. It. Doesn’t. Work. That being said, skin tight isn’t a good look either. How do you find that Goldilocks point in the middle? If you can fit your hands, palms against your skin on either side of your torso, you’re just right. About one and a half to two and a half inches. More than that and you look like you’re getting ready to catch the nearest breeze.

Hat: Goorin Bros. White Louis Louisiana, Shirt: Nordstrom, Suspenders: P.M. Chavez, Tie: Jos. A. Bank, Vest: DXL, Jeans: Goodfellow & Co

Put On Pants That Fit

PC: Baggy jeans aren’t flattering on anyone, especially us bigger gentlemen. When you leave too much room in the seat and thigh of your jeans, it can take away from your shape and make you look sloppy. Ideally, you want them fitted to your waist and thigh. A fitted leg below the knee is up to personal preference. I’ve seen guys look as great in skinny jeans as they do in a boot cut. The point is to make sure that your pants fit your legs. The palm rule I mentioned with t-shirts applies here – the difference being, you don’t want more than one hand to be able to fit between your pants and your skin.

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Move Beyond the T-Shirt

PC: While we’re on the topic of shirts… Stop relying on T-shirts! Buttons are your friend. Button down shirts can look great on larger gentlemen. They straighten out the lines of your silhouette and add a bit of structure. They’re also far more versatile. You can wear short sleeve, long sleeve, open over an undershirt, tucked in, untucked, even a French tuck, if you’re feeling bold.

Follow Philip Chavez on Instagram at @p.m.chavez and shop fine leather goods such as belts, in your size at his website, See Spencer’s photography on his IG page, @spencerpablophotography.

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