See the Future of Ray-Ban With the New Liteforce Wayfarer

New Ray-Ban Liteforce Wayfarers

Few types of sunglasses are as iconic at the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. In style for more than 60 years, and instantly identifiable by their unique shape, the Wayfarer hasn’t changed in all that time. Until now. The new Liteforce Wayfarer keeps the design it is known for, but is made from a new material – usually utilized in high tech products. This material, a high performance thermoplastic, makes the wayfarers lighter, flexible, and more durable than any other glasses Ray-Ban makes.

Get Liteforce Wayfarers in a variety of colors

This means that you get sunglasses that are thinner and more comfortable, but that can also better stand up to whatever you might put them through (like forgetting they’re in your pocket and sitting on them). The Liteforce Wayfarer is available in a ton of colors and lens styles and starts at $185. With summer just beginning, it couldn’t hurt to get the latest and greatest from Ray-Ban.

 A few more Liteforce Wayfarer varieties