Your Dream Drawers Have Arrived: Introducing Scout Underwear

Scout Underwear for big guys

Most clothing isn’t made with round bodies in mind, so fat folks get used to wearing things that don’t fit properly. We all know the discomfort caused by jeans that are too tight in the thighs, or a shirt that fits well in the chest, but not the stomach. We’ve learned to make due by employing creative fixes, or simply grinning and bearing it, but that’s not optimal. Seattle’s Kirk Mason, the creator of Scout Underwear, gets this, and he created a line of drawers that provides “style, support and comfort for men of all shapes and sizes.” Scout Underwear in signal orange
Scout Underwear in asphalt gray

Making Better Underwear for Big Guys

Scout offers solutions to the most common problems big men have with their underwear by offering high cut backs for maximum crack coverage, with a lower ride in the front to allow more room for your belly, should you need it.  There’s extra lining in all the right places to wick moisture while providing comfort, and solid construction to help keep “the goods” in place. The trunks are made in lightweight, standard, and a heavy jersey, which can handle just about anything you can put it through. The fabric and cut of Scout Underwear offers a snug, yet comfortable fit that fights against the binding and sagging you’ve grown accustomed to in your other drawers.

Scout Underwear runs with scissors
Scout Underwear's green pair uses heavy jersey
Scout makes underwear for guys of all sizes

If that wasn’t enough to interest you in a pair or three, there’s a hidden pocket stitched into the side – large enough to hold a small cell phone, condoms, cash, or whatever else you think you’d like to keep really, really close.

Kirk Mason of Scout Underwear


Mason made Scout Underwear for men of all shapes and sizes, so you’ll find sizes ranging from XS to 4X in red, gray, orange, and green for $25 a pair. Learn more and get better drawers at

Photos by Steven Miller Photography Seattle