Questlove Talks Big Men’s Style Tips

Questlove talks plus size men's style
Photo: Mr. Porter

It’s not often that you get to see famous men of size talking about how they put together their own personal style. That’s exactly what Ahmir Thompson, aka Questlove, the multitalented drummer of The Roots did in a recent interview with Mr. Porter.

Questlove Shares Big & Tall Style Tips
Photo: Mr. Porter

The article, titled “How to Dress Your Body Type,” features short interviews with men of a variety of sizes – skinny, muscular, tall, and larger. Questo talks about the challenges bigger men run into when it comes to trying to find and create their own (timeless) style:

I’m a big guy, you can’t just buy my clothes off the rack. A lot of my stuff will get retailored so it can accommodate me. I have my own T-shirt and hoodie company. I always felt that if I dressed more distinguished, that would add age to me. But [in my 40s] I figured dressing like a 20-year-old in jeans and T-shirts 24/7 would age me even quicker. When I first started teaching, just as a joke, I got a few of those professor jackets with the elbow patches but, as I was looking in the mirror, I was like, ‘Oh, I kind of clean up nice. Maybe this could be a new thing for me.

What makes a signature Questlove look? Accessories:

I concentrate on accessories. I have more than 2,000 pairs of sneakers and 500 pairs of glasses that would rival Elton John’s collection.

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Big Men’s Style Tips Work for Questlove

Stylist Mitchell Belk, who styled Questlove for the Mr. Porter shoot, suggests wearing more tailored clothing, meaning if you buy something off the rack, make sure it can be modified to better fit your exact dimensions. This will ensure whatever you’re wearing looks like it was made to fit you. Belk also suggests that you try colors like navy blue and bottle green, while incorporating accessories with brighter colors or patterns that will stand out. Since it’s getting colder, adding scarves to your look.

Read the full article, and take in all the interviews over at Mr. Porter.

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