Private Johns Big & Tall Underwear

Private Johns Wants to Make the Best Big & Tall Underwear You’ve Ever Worn

Mike Song thinks big guys get the short end of the stick when it comes to finding great fitting underwear. That’s why he’s creating Private Johns, a big & tall underwear brand with a mission to make clothing more inclusive for bigger gents, starting with their underwear, in sizes to 6XL.

Why Start a Big & Tall Underwear Brand?

“Not a lot of underwear brands for big & tall are doing it at a consistent, high quality level,” says Song. With Private Johns, Song plans to bring his experience in Canadian big & tall retail to the table to create a product that focuses on fit and style.

Focusing on Fit

For Private Johns, giving big & tall customers a good fit is vital. Song’s team focused on flexibility and breathability, two issues bigger customers constantly deal with. Other details like a higher inseam to fight plumber’s crack, a wider seat and roomier thighs help address the most common problems. Polyamide and spandex help ensure softness and stretch.

Private Johns Crew

Creating an Inclusive Brand

Inclusivity will be core to the Private Johns brand, according to Song. “The Big and Tall community is really tight-knit and supporting, and many men use their platforms on Social Media to inspire others. No matter if the focus is more on body positivity, self-love, fashion or lifestyle – there are many inspiring and refreshing bigger men sharing their positivity and style. And this inspires me, it inspires us as a team and brand,” says Song. Expect to see plus size models, influencers, and a good bit of comedy featured in Private Johns marketing campaigns.

Comfortable big & tall boxers

Private Johns is Live on Kickstarter

Private Johns is aiming for an early boost with their Kickstarter campaign, which is live right now. Get more details about the brand, and see what you get for supporting the campaign, then follow them on Instagram here.