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Plus Size Men’s Street Style at Pitti Uomo 2016

Ready for the rain at Pitti Uomo 2016

Pitti Uomo 2016 finished on Friday, and with the help of our friends at BearFLAVOURED, we were able to bring you the best best plus size men’s street style from the premiere menswear event in Florence, Italy. If you haven’t already, head over to the Chubstr Instagram to see what we shared. Now that it’s all said and done, we’ve compiled our favorite photos from last week for your viewing pleasure. As you can see, when people attend Pitti, they ensure that their looks are on point, unique, and memorable.

Unique plus size pea coat at Pitti Uomo 2016

Even if some of these looks aren’t your cup of tea, you’ve got to give it to these guys for putting real thought into their style. Scroll down for a healthy dose of plus size street style inspiration.


It’s possible to keep it simple and still be put together, as you can see from this workwear-inspired look.

Supporting good times at Pitti Uomo 2016

We too support good times, and this look.

Pitti Uomo 2016 plus size menswear style

We featured a shot of this dapper gentleman on our social media accounts last week. Love the vest + jacket + cap combo.

Pitti Uomo 2016 plus size blazer

It’s difficult to go wrong with a good jacket and pocket square.

Pitti Uomo 2016 plus size workwear style

At first glance, this comes off as a classic, blue collar look, but if you look a little longer, you’ll see the detail and thought put into it.

Pitti Uomo 2016 patterned jacket

Here’s an example of how patterns can be your friend. Don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your own look.


Layering and proper utilization of accessories can be a big man’s best friend.

Pitti Uomo 2016 unique plus size menswear

A bit of minimalism on display at Pitti Uomo 2016. Used sparingly, bigger, flowing articles of clothing can complement a look. This gent contrasts his outfit with a colorful accessory.

Pitti Uomo plus size bearded style

Here’s another guy we featured via social media last week. It’s a glimpse of his head to toe look.

Pitti Uomo 2016 plus size style made easy

The best thing about this look? It’s something anyone can put together with minimal effort. You probably have most of these pieces in your closet right now.

Pitti Uomo 2016 scarf game is strong

What’s not to like about this look? The hat, the coat, and the scarf combine for something that isn’t too over the top, but just right.

Pitti Uomo 2016 menswear style on display

Your style should look as effortlessly put together as theirs does.

Pitti Uomo 2016 plus size sailor chic

We cap off this look at our favorite plus size men’s street style from Pitti Uomo 2016 with another stylish gentleman who shows us that sometimes the best looks seem effortless. Do you have a favorite? Is there a look you’d recreate? Hit the comments and tell us about it!