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Who Is On Your Plus Size Clothing Brand Wish List?

While more brands and retailers are beginning to add extended sizes to their offerings, there are still many who aren’t. Take one of my favorites, Taylor Stitch. The brand makes timeless, well-constructed clothing, but their pant sizes only run to 38 and their tops are available to XXL. According to their fit guide, I would probably be a 3X or 4X, so none of it will fit.

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This is a brand that, if they offered clothes in my size, I would buy pieces from regularly. The Moto Pant in Dyneema Denim. The Hawkins Jacket in Charcoal Neoshell. This sweater and any of these shirts. You get the idea. Taylor Stitch makes clothing and portrays their brand in a way that is compelling to me. I want to give them my money but I can’t because none of their stuff will fit. In the meantime, I’ll keep holding out hope that this changes.

Other brands I wish offered extended size clothing: H&M, Topman, Fendi (which does have SOME extended sizes) and Gucci. There are a lot more and that’s where you come in. What brands and/or retailers do you wish carried masculine plus size clothing? Leave a comment below or share your thoughts via social by tagging @chubstr on your favorite social network.