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ED from Parker & Pine in a Dress Shirt

Remember Parker & Pine? They’re the Canadian brand making boxers with a mission to help big men look their best by focusing on solving the problems that men of size have with most of the clothing they wear. Now they’re taking that problem solving knowhow from boxers to premium dress shirts, and they need your help.

They’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a dress shirt they say will solve the problems many of us have when trying to find a shirt that looks great and actually fits. Here’s why their shirts are better:

The Problem

If you’re a big guy, you know exactly what the problem is. Walk into any mall, and you probably won’t find a lot of brands that make shirts in your size. When you do find the brands that have your size, the shirts look baggy and outdated. The shirts are either too tight around the midsection, or too loose. The same goes for the chest and arms. The problem really starts with how shirts are designed.
Why a Parker & Pine shirt is better

The Solution

We developed our shirt by getting big guys involved in the design process. From fit to fabric and style, we involved gentlemen of size. Everything from the fit to the fabric and styles was created by getting big guys of all sizes around a table and talking about what a great fitting shirt would look and feel like. In order to create shirts with impeccable fit, we threw out the general rules for shirt sizing. Instead, we dug deep into research, and worked with anthropometric data, 3D body scans and real men (woah!) to really understand how men’s bodies are shaped.
Not only are they saying the shirts will fit, but that they’ll actually look like something you’d want to wear in public. They’re more of a modern cut, with many details (such as hidden buttons and non-iron, breathable fabric) to help ensure a proper fit whether you’re wearing the shirt for formal or casual occasions. You’ll find sizes available to 4X. Parker & Pine knows that this type of sizing can mean anything, so they’ve offered a few more details:
Parker & Pine Dress Shirt Sizes
Parker & Pine has a goal of $15,000 CAD – if they hit that amount, they’re funded and can produce the shirts.  Learn more about the brand, their plan for dress shirts that fit, and all the goodies you can get in their Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.