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Order Custom Jeans Online In Any Size From den.m bar

den.m bar sells their high quality jeans online

Early last year, we told you about den.m bar, a Los Angeles based custom denim workshop offering jeans in any size made to your specifications. At that time, the only way you could get their products was to actually visit their store, which if you’re not local, isn’t the easiest thing to do. Don’t fret – den.m bar is now peddling their wares online.

Straight leg jeans from den.m bar

Depending upon your comfort level (and how picky you are), you can choose either express custom or full custom jeans. Express custom gives you control over the fabric, rise, and provide your measurements for a custom pair of jeans. Full custom lets you decide everything, from stitch color, to buttons, to pocket design and more. You’re making jeans totally from scratch when you go full custom.

More jeans from den.m bar

Prices start around $200 – more than you’d pay at some department stores, but you’re getting a high quality, custom experience here. If you buy a pair of jeans from den.m bar, you can expect them to last. Visit them online at