On Your Feet: Let Fun Trump Function

Remember when socks were the most boring, mundane, innocuous part of your wardrobe? Serving purely as functional and never being allowed to have any fun?  Trends tell us that boring socks are a thing of the past and we’ve been writing articles that focus on the sock shift, such as Rocking Sockless and articles that focus on the companies making interesting socks right now, such as Kellan Apparel. We’re loving outrageously patterned and down right crazy socks making a statement in your wardrobe and are campaigning for it to move from trend to mainstay.

Trends aren’t always easy to come by when you’re wearing sizes 2X and above. Not to mention they’re often expensive and don’t stick around for that long. Adding current trends into your look through socks is a way to make a bold statement without breaking the bank and without making a huge wardrobe commitment. Let’s take a look at a few trends that can be achieved in sock form.

Camouflage Socks:


We’ve seen the pattern in blazers (or tuxedos, thanks Pharrell), and more commonly pants, but when you’re rocking big guy sizes, that can be a WHOLE lot of camo. Camouflage in small doses is a definite “do” in our book and wearing it on your socks is the perfect way to achieve the look.

Check out this pair of abstract camo done in 8-bit style. The green really pops again against the Nantucket red pants and basic tan oxfords. When wearing camo as a civilian, don’t try to match it. In this instance it’s meant to stand out.

Navajo Print Socks:


Navajo print, especially in bright colors, is popping up everywhere. These socks in a teal green with a Navajo pattern are definitely a statement. As shown in the photo, try these with a more laid back look. Chinos and simple tennis shoes, or denim with a canvas sneaker are the perfect complements to these socks. Downplay everything else and let them be the star of your outfit. These are a great “introduction” into the world of crazy socks. They’re bold without being crazy.

Plaid Socks:


As big guys, we can almost always find a plaid shirt in our size. Instead of something expected, let’s try the plaid on socks. This pair is almost a magnified gingham print in navy. These are less of a statement and more of a complement to any preppy or classic look. For an even more laid back look, try them with a laceless oxford with a contrasting colored sole.

Where can you get amazing socks like these? Check out Happy Socks (select styles now available at JCPenney), DrJays.com, or the aforementioned Kellan Apparel for cool designs. Make sure to give your pants a cuff or two to show off what you’re rocking around your ankles.

Send us your socks! Got a crazy pair of socks? Wear them at an unexpected time or with an unusual oufit? We want to see them. Send them to us here and YOU could be featured on Chubstr.

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