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Old No. 6 Kicks Big & Tall Clothing into High Gear

Old No. 6 Big and Tall Workshirts

Phil Stolo’s Old No. 6 Big & Tall Clothing has been outfitting husky gents in hot rod influenced gear since 2009. Based in Whittier, CA, the brand offers work shirts, tees, hats and more with sizes to 7X. Stolo started the company because, at 6’1 and 350 lbs, he couldn’t find any companies making the kind of clothes he wanted to wear. He came up with a few designs to sell, and took them to The Hootenanny, a long-running Southern California car and music festival. By the end of the festival’s first day, he had sold 70% of his inventory, and knew he was onto something.

More varieties of Old No. 6 Shirts

You’ll find the kind of rockabilly/hot rod designs you love, plus the sizes you actually need. The Old No. 6 online store also offers a limited edition section, sporting a more curated selection of unique designs only available on certain types of clothing. The size selections are more limited in this section – right now you’ll only find 3X and 4X options, but check back regularly as inventory here changes quickly.

Tees to 7X from Old No. 6 Clothing

Stolo says they’re working on new products, such as shoes, boots, jeans, hair grease, and leather goods, in addition to expanding upon their shirt selection.

Shop Old No. 6 Apparel

If you’re a fan of fast cars, handmade designs, and cool casual clothes that fit, take a look at Old No. 6 Big and Tall Clothing. You’ll find them at