Old Navy Wants to Be Your Stylish Men’s Clothing Shop

The Old Navy Mirror

In the mirror at Old Navy

When you think of fashion forward, contemporary clothing, [eafl id=”81824″ name=”Old Navy Big & Tall Update Link” text=”Old Navy”] might not be the first shop that comes to mind. They’ve traditionally focused on basic, inexpensive pieces you can use to fill in holes in you wardrobe. Need another pair of pants for days when you don’t need to dress up too much? You know where to go. Gap, the company that owns Old Navy, is looking to change that while continuing to offer the affordable pricing that the brand is known for. In an interview with GQ last week, the people in charge of menswear and men’s design talked about their plans to make Old Navy more stylish, and in turn, a place you’d like to shop.


from the Old Navy Fall ’15 Line

How is Old Navy becoming more stylish?

In the words of their Manager of Menswear, Christopher Goble, [eafl id=”81824″ name=”Old Navy Big & Tall Update Link” text=”Old Navy is ‘the first aspirational value brand in the U.S.”],” meaning that they’re focused on offering the clothes that customers might want to buy, but aren’t in their price range. In order to do this, the company has to deliver contemporary, stylish clothing that doesn’t break the bank.


Jacket from the Old Navy Fall ’15 Line

Can they compete against H&M, Uniqlo, and Zara?

They believe they can. According to Goble, part of the plan is to offer lower prices and more value than their competitors, with a unique (and more modern) point of view on American style. The other part of their plan is something they’re already doing well; making Old Navy a one-stop shop for the entire family. To put it in perspective, according to GQ, Old Navy did 6 billion in sales last year, more than Gap and Banana Republic combined. Chances are, competing won’t be a problem.


From the Old Navy Fall ’15 Line

What can we expect from the Old Navy men’s line?

It looks like we’ll see a more focused men’s section. New products that reflect current trends, better curation in terms of colors, styles, patterns, and more importantly, fit. The company spent some time modernizing their existing line in order to make it more appealing to customers. This means more prints, more stylish bottoms, and more thought put into their men’s offerings in general. Head to OldNavy.com now, and you’ll start to see the difference.

Old Navy Fall '15

from the Old Navy Fall ’15 Line

What about Old Navy Big and Tall Offerings?

While they didn’t speak to their extended sizes specifically, [eafl id=”81824″ name=”Old Navy Big & Tall Update Link” text=”Old Navy currently offers sizes to XXXL and 48×36, as well as extended lengths for you tall guys”]. They mentioned in the conversation with GQ that they’d be focusing on fit in a way they haven’t in the past, so we’ll just have to wait and see if that makes a difference long term for extended sizes.

What do you think about the Old Navy’s new focus on stylish, yet value-priced men’s clothing? Will it make you buy more from them? Tell us what you think in the comments. 

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