Socks for big feet for fall

Need to Up Your Sock Game? Here’s How

Throw out those old white socks with the holes – it’s time to take your sock game to the next level. We all know that accessories can be a big guy’s best friend and socks are no exception. Not sure where to start? Here are some of the brands that offer colorful options, cater to those with big feet, or that will keep you outfitted in new socks for months to come.

Sock Fancy Subscription Box

Sock Fancy 
Need some stylish socks but you’re kind of a control freak? You’re gonna love Sock Fancy. This monthly sock subscription service lets you specify the the size and length you want (men’s sizes 8-14, women’s 5-10), how many you’d like to receive in your package and how long of a subscription you need. Place your order and the sock will be delivered to your door. Start your subscription here or gift one to a friend.

Stance socks for big feet

Get Stance socks to size 16

Some days, you want understated, yet stylish socks. Other days, you want a sock that stands out. Stance offers both, with sizes to 16. With socks from licensed brands like Marvel, MLB and NBA, to Wu Tang and Nas, they’ve got your pop culture favorites covered. Looking for something a little more, ahem, adult? Check out the Uncommon Solids collection.

Bombas Socks for big feet

When you buy socks from Bombas, you’re covering your feet with super comfortable socks and helping people in need. For every pair you buy, the company supports the homeless community by donating a pair to one of their more than 1700 giving partners across the United States. You’ll find a variety of sock types at Bombas, with sizes to 16. I’m partial to their super comfortable, great looking calf socks, myself.

oddball socks for big feet

Oddball Socks
Have a sasquatch-sized foot and need a sock to match? Check out Oddball, the company specializing in socks and shoes in sizes 14 and up. You’ll find dress and casual socks to fit just about every need.

DXL Socks for big feet

If you’re the kind of person who needs lots of options, take a look at DXL’s sock selection. It runs the spectrum of sizes, styles and designs. Shop around 100 socks from brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Harbor Bay, Pantherella and more with sizes to 16.

Target Socks

Looking to get a bit more bang for your buck? Target has the basics covered. With 8 packs of socks starting around $10, stocking up won’t hurt your wallet quite as much. Want to get a bit fancier? Check out brands like Pair of Thieves, with sizes to 12.

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