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Man’s Face Stuff Helps You Wear Your Mustache Well

Man's Face Stuff Hand Crafted Waxes

If you’re the owner of a majestic beard or mustache, you know the time and effort that you can put into styling and managing it. Finding the right product for your needs is difficult, as many stores offer limited options when it comes to products made specifically for facial hair grooming.Today we present another product to help you tame the hair on that kisser of yours. Enter Portland, Oregon company, Man’s Face Stuff.

Man’s Face Stuff makes hand-crafted, great-smelling styling wax for mustaches and beards alike. Those of you looking to manage your mustaches can choose from a variety of gentlemanly fragrances, such as Gin & Tonic, Red Hot Cinnamon, and a coffee and pipe tobacco smelling wax called All-Nighter.

A Few of the Man's Face Stuff Waxes and Balms

If you’re looking for something to help you style your beard, the Beard Balm Facial Hair Styling Wax will do the trick. It’s lighter than the mustache waxes in both hold and fragrance, but will still stand up to just about anything you throw at it. All Man’s Face Stuff waxes and balms are made with a beeswax and petroleum base, and the scents that make them smell so good. The balm also includes lanolin, coconut oil, and natural hair conditioners.

Since their wax is a little stiffer than some of the other mustache waxes on the market, they offer directions as to how best to apply their wax:

1. Firstly, we recommend that you comb your moustache to align any stray hairs.
2. Using the back of your fingernail, scrape a small amount of wax from the tin.
3. Rub the wax between your thumb and forefinger until melted and apply to your moustache where desired.
4. (Optional) For those wishing for a more natural, lighter hold, some like to re-comb their moustache after waxing and then re-shape it.
5. Enjoy your moustache!

The Proprietors of Man's Face Stuff
The Proprietors of Man’s Face Stuff

A tin of Man’s Face Stuff mustache wax will run you $9.00, and a tube is $4.50. The Beard Balm comes in a 4 oz tin and costs $18.00. You can get Man’s Face Stuff at their website/Etsy page at, and follow them at Facebook and Twitter.