Do Yourself a Favor & Invest in a Luxury Tie

In a world of ubiquitous fast fashion, two companies are ensuring that contemporary pieces are rooted in tradition and quality craftsmanship. Each with their own unique take on the idea, Coyaba and Maki & Mpho are redefining the luxury tie niche.

Coyaba Bow Tie


Meaning ‘paradise’ in Arawak (an indigenous people of the Caribbean), Coyaba is elevating the necktie by using rare and unique Japanese Kimono fabric to create unique designs. Each one of a kind fabric is individually sourced and produced into new styles which allows for the products to retain their distinctive, timeless quality. The limited edition Kimono fabric (remnant fabric which is unused in the actual making of the Kimono) ranges from 18 to 80 years old giving a distinctly vintage, yet contemporary quality to the neckties.

Coyaba also has a strong commitment to the environment and reduces their carbon footprint by hand making each piece and maintaining sustainable production. Fabrics are re-used over various styles to ensure there is no waste. Beyond superior fabrics and sustainability, Coyaba ties have tongue-in-cheek names like “Part-time Lover” and “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)”.

Coyaba limited edition ties range from $89-$176 and can be purchased at:

MakiMpho Double Sided

Maki & Mpho

Celebrating the African renaissance, Maki & Mpho creates seriously stylish neckwear with original modern prints inspired by African values. The Hamba collection, featuring Sweet Grass and Kwakwa, are designed by award winning designer Mpho Muendane. The Sweet Grass motif represents generations of ancestors with a modern context of sustainable living and development. The Kwakwa pattern, named after an imaginary bird, is a beautiful blue cubism-style design representing the bird’s three dimensional form. Both are a clear example of how modern design and be inspired by ancient roots.

The Omnipotent double sided bowtie features the Kwakwa pattern on one side, with the contrasting Sweet Grass pattern on the other. It’s a bold look that’s a sure conversation starter. More than just great design, these products tell a story sure to break the ice in any social setting. Best of all, Maki & Mpho offers more than just neckwear with pocket square and note cards available for purchase.

Maki & Mpho 100% silk, made in the USA neckwear is available for purchase at:

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